[Sir Hugh Casson, architect and writer.] Three Autograph Letters (one 'Hugh Casson', one 'Hugh', the other unsigned) to playwright Christopher Fry, intimate letters, two with crude drawings ('The Toft' and an owl).

Sir Hugh Casson [Sir Hugh Maxwell Casson] (1910-1999), architect, interior designer, artist and writer [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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Two on his letterhead, 6 Hereford Mansions, Hereford Road, London W2. All undated (one circa 1995).
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All three in good condition, and written in a hurried, untidy hand. The first two on letterheads, the third on the back of a card. ONE: To 'Christopher!' 1p, landscape 12mo. Unsigned. With crude humorous drawing of Fry's house 'THE TOFT' (in East Dene, Sussex) on the crest of a hill, with a line of 'Fry Pilgrims' (depicted as dots) wending their way to it. He thanks him for his 'lovely birthday poem A great honour & pleasure to receive'. Conclusion of letter illegible. TWO: Signed 'Hugh Casson'. 1p, landscape 12mo. Begins: 'So sorry to hear from C. C. that you are in hospital with heart problems. So was I about 6 months ago but since diagnosed they seem to learn what to do & I feel a different person now – although it meant 4 weeks in hospital. When I came out the surgeon said “Go away & lie down for six weeks & Shut Up!”' On reverse a drawing of an owl, giving a quotation from Wittgenstein. THREE: Signed 'Hugh' and addressed to 'Christopher!' He thanks him for his birthday card: 'My wife & I are both 85 now & use one [?] each but manage to get about – I hope you find C. C. in good time. She works very hard & I hope enjoys it'. Casson was director of architecture at the Festival of Britain, for which Fry wrote the official play.