[Middlesex Hospital, London.] Printed Certificate, with engraving of the hospital, signed by Peter Mere Latham and Henry Herbert Southey, recording the attendance of Henry Davey at one of their 'courses of lectures on The Materia Medica'.

Peter Mere Latham (1789-1875), physician to the Middlesex Hospital; Henry Herbert Southey (1783-1865), physician, brother of poet laureate Robert Southey [Henry William Robert Davey of Yarmouth]
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Middlesex Hospital [London]; 7 May 1820.
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The subject of the letter is the surgeon Henry William Robert Davey (1798-1870), son of surgeon Henry Sallows Davey (1781-1855) of Beccles, who also studied under Sir Charles Bell at the Hunterian School of Medicine in Great Windmill Street, London. 1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to edge on blank reverse. An attractive item, with an engraving of the frontage of the hospital at the head, beneath which, in an arrangement of types and point sizes: 'MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL. | THIS IS TO CERTIFY, | THAT | [Mr. Henry W. R. Davey] | HAS DILIGENTLY ATTENDED | [one] | COURSES OF OUR LECTURES | ON | The Materia Medica. | DATE. | [7 May 1820] | SIGNED | [P: Mere Latham MD] | [H H Southey M.D.]' From the distinguished autograph collection of the psychiatrist Richard Alfred Hunter (1923-1981), whose collection of 7000 works relating to psychiatry is now in Cambridge University Library. Hunter and his mother Ida Macalpine had a particular interest in the illness of King George III, and their book 'George III and the Mad Business' (1969) suggested the diagnosis of porphyria.