[Sheila Kaye-Smith, novelist.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Miss Greenwood', explaining her reason for doubting the possibility of making a film 'setting out the Christian attitude towards divorce'.

Sheila Kaye-Smith (1887-1956), novelist
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On letterhead of Little Douce Grove, Northiam, Rye, Sussex. 26 January [no year]
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2pp, 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged paper, with pin holes to one corner and a few drops of light staining. She thanks Greenwood for her letter, but does not feel that her 'Valiant Woman' has any 'chance of making a successful film, for the very reasons you say it ought to'. She explains: 'In this country there would not be a large enough public for a film setting out the Christian attitude towards divorce, as popular sympathy is mostly on the other side'. Nevertheless she is sending Greenwood's letter to her agent 'Mr. A. D. Peters, & if he sees any chance for the script he will communicate with you in view of a contract'. It is worth remembering on reading this letter that Kaye-Smith was married to Theodore Penrose Fry, an Anglican clergyman who had converted to Catholicism.