[John E. B. Mayor, Cambridge Professor of Latin, to his brother the philosopher J. B. Mayor.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Joe', attacking his former pupil the classicist Augustus Samuel Wilkins, and giving a list of references to Cicero.

John E. B. Mayor [John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor] (1825-1910), Professor of Latin at Cambridge [his brother Joseph Bickersteth Mayor (1828-1916); Augustus Samuel Wilkins (1843–1905); St John's College]
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No place. 'Wednesday Evening' [no date, but 1870s].
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References to the recipient's 'little ones', and to 'Jessie and the children' would date the letter to the early 1870s. Of particular interest is the criticism of Mayor's former student 'Wilkins', this being Augustus Samuel Wilkins (1843-1905), later Professor of Latin at Owens College, Manchester, who had been President of the Cambridge Union in 1868. 4pp, 12mo. The letter, signed 'John E B Mayor', covers the first two pages; the final two pages carry a list of around twenty textual references to Cicero, at the end of which are a few more in pencil in another hand (J. B. Mayor's?). Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with tape from mount adhering to one edge. Begins: 'My dear Joe | I set to work transcribing my notes on Cic. n. d. immediately or otherwise you probably might never have them at all. | Many you will see are mere references to Madvig's notes, and have no doubt been used by Schömann: but I thought it best to send all.' He has ' Schömann's opuscula, and can bring it down next time I am in town'. He has 'picked up two illustrated books' for JBM's 'little ones' at 'Nutt's' (i.e. David Nutt's bookshop in the Strand, London), and hopes 'that Frölich and Pletsch may displace many of our English children's books, which have neither beauty of illustration nor “Gemüth” in text'. He next writes, with some sarcasm: 'Wilkins left his card on [me?], when I was away: these pert young gentlemen seem never to doubt of the forgiving spirit of those whom they abuse; when he complained of the vast sums he spent in private tuition and the insufficiency of the college lectures, all the world would suppose that he was attacking me: but he never intended it.' The letter concludes with love 'to Jessie and the children'. The Mayor family papers are in the Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge.