[Catherine Macready, poet, daughter of the actor William Charles Macready.] Holograph Poem, signed 'CFBM', titled 'To Miss A. S. Dobree' [identified as Anne Saumarez Dobree in a note by the recipient's sister].

Catherine Macready [Catherine Frances Birch Macready] (1834-1869), poet, daughter of the actor William Charles Macready (1793-1873) and family friend of Charles Dickens [Anne Saumarez Dobrée [Dobree]]
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Catherine Macready was the author of 'Leaves from the Olive Mount' (1860, dedicated to her father), 'Cowl and Cap; or, The Rival Churches' (1865) and 'Devotional Lays' (1868). She worked among the Cheltenham poor, died on a voyage to Madeira, and was buried at sea. 2pp, landscape 8vo. Aged and worn, and folded several times. Tipped in onto part of a leaf of thick paper removed from an album. A pencil note at the head of the first page of the poem states: 'My Sister Anne Saumarez', and another pencil note at the end of the poem reads 'Kate Macready'. An eighteen line poem, in three six-line stanzas, with title ('To Miss A. S. Dobree'), and signature ('CFBM') at end. The poem, which does not appear to have been published, begins: 'All shapes, dear lady, delicate and fair | Are tinged with somewhat of a pensive shade - | All sounds most excellently sweet and rare | On melancholy's instruments are made - | All great intents and grave affections rise | From moods of solemn thought, and mournful memories.' The only emendation is in the second stanza: the word 'heart' being replaced by 'O heart'. The 'Miss' of the title suggests that the poem is addressed to Anne Dobrée (1787-1874), one of the three daughters of Isaac Dobree (d.1792) and Anne Saumarez Dobrée (1752-1846), rather than to her mother.