[Sir Cecil Beaton, photographer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cecil'), to '[Laura?]', regarding a 'ghastly time', 'B. H.', 'David' and 'a suburban cul de sac - in the outskirts of Manchester'.

Sir Cecil Beaton [Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton] (1904-1980), photographer, diarist and socialite
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On letterhead of Reddish House, Broadchalke, Salisbury. 'Monday Oct ??' [no year]
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1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. 15 lines of text, including part of postscript up one margin. The handwriting is not entirely straightforward, and the addressee's name is not clear. The letter begins: 'Dearest [Laura?]. | What a ghastly time – but I'm sure it had its moments of hilarity – as for B. H. can't imagine what she was thinking – in fact didn't know she really knows about anything.' To Beaton's surprise, his letter to 'David c/o Poste Restante' has been returned after three months. 'Can't begin to imagine how he sticks it out – year in & out. It's really a hell hole – though it used to have glamour – [I found?] – now its a suburban cul de sac – in the outskirts of Manchester.' He ends with the news that 'the consul's wife will invite us all to dine'. In a postscript he writes that he 'ended' his 'holiday in January with you know who? It was final. Don't forget Bovardin if [?] glass-house'.