[Pickersgill Palliser, printer and Postmaster of Harrogate, does a job for Harrogate Workhouse.] Signed Autograph Receipt ('P. Palliser') on his printed business letterhead, for work done for 'The Overseers of the Poor | Bilton-w-Harrogate'.

Pickersgill Palliser (1804-1883), 'Printer & Publisher of The Harrogate Advertiser and Weekly List of Visitors', Postmaster of Harrogate, Yorkshire; Secretary of Harrogate Bath Hospita
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On the business letterhead of Pickersgill Palliser, Post Office, High Harrogate [Yorkshire]. January 1839.
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For information on Palliser, see his obituary in the Harrogate Herald, 8 August 1883. 1p., landscape 12mo. A nicely-printed period letterhead: 'To PICKERSGILL PALLISER, Dr. | PRINTER & PUBLISHER | OF | The Harrogate Advertiser and Weekly List of Visitors. | Bookwork, Circulars, Cards, Posting and Hand-bills, and every other description of Letter-Press Printing, executed neatly, on reasonable Terms. | Books bound in plain, neat, or elegant Bindings, in the best style of Workmanship. | Orders for Advertisements and for Town or Country Newspapers duly executed. | STATIONERY OF ALL KINDS.' ('Agent to the Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Company.' and 'BILL AND Receipt Stamps, &c., &c.'). Itemised bill with five entries between 11 April 1838 and 5 January 1839, totalling a guinea: 'Ap. 11 To Printing 100 Advertisements Workhouse Master &c. [5s] | To Cash Pd. Ripley for Postg. &c [4s] | Sept. 26 To Acct. Book Mr. Carter [2s 6d] | Dec 14 To Printing 200 Forms of Acct. &c [7s 6d] | 1839 Jany 5 To Almanack [1s]'. Signature on receipt at foot: 'Settled | Jan 8/39 | P. Palliser'.