[ Charles Sumner, Bishop of Winchester. ] Autograph Note Signed ('C Winton.') to 'the Society' [i.e. the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge], with an order, in another hand of books required by him.

Charles Richard Sumner (1790-1874), Bishop of Llandaff and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, and then Bishop of Winchester
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Farnham Castle. 2 January 1832.
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2pp., 12mo. The item comprises a note in Sumner's hand on the first page, beneath which, and continuing onto the second page, is an order in another hand for 34 books in eight categories, under the headings 'Bibles', 'Testaments' and 'C[ommon] Prayers'. Sumner writes: 'Revd. Sir. | I request you will send me the following books on the terms of the Society, by Lamport's Farnham Waggon.' The order, in another hand, begins: 'Bibles | 5 8o Medium Small Pica without Marg[inal] Ref[erences]. And Apocr[ypha]'.