[ 'Sarah Gainham' [ Rachel Ames ], novelist and journalist. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Sarah Gainham') to 'Miss Cond' [ Eileen M. Cond ], announcing the near-completion of the third novel in her 'Night Falls on the City' trilogy.

'Sarah Gainham', pseudonym of Sarah Rachel Stainer Ames (1915-1999), British novelist and journalist, author of 'Night Falls on the City' (1967)
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On her cancelled letterhead, Am Platz 4, Vienna 13, Austria, 'as from: Trieste, Italy.' 22 May [ 1969 or 1970 ].
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1p., landscape 12mo. She thanks her for her 'kind note', is glad she enjoyed 'A Place in the Country', and is returning her bookplate 'signed as requested'. 'The third part of the trilogy will, I hope, be ready for publication next year. As yet it has no title, although nearing completion.' A Place in the Country was published in 1969, and the third volume in the trilogy, Private Worlds, in 1971. Apparently 'Eileen Cond was a book collector who sent out her bookplate to her favorite authors, many of whom signed and returned them to her.'