[ Giulia Ravogli and Sofia Ravogli, Italian opera singers. ] Autograph Note [ in the hand of Giulia Ravogli ] Signed 'Giulia and Sofia Ravogli', to 'Mr Neil Forsyth' of the Royal Opera House, requesting a box for 'Pagliacci, and Deux Pigeons'.

Giulia Ravogli (1866-1941), contralto, wife of Harrison Cripps; her sister Sofia Ravogli (1865-1910), soprano, Italian opera singers [ Neil Forsyth, General Manager, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden ]
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On letterhead of 10 Bentinck Mansions, Bentinck Street, Manchester Square, W. [ London ] 28 June 1906.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The note- which is signed 'Giulia and Sofia | Ravogli' - is in the hand of Giulia Ravogli. It reads: 'We send to you our kind remembrances and we should be very pleased if you could spare a box for us for Monday evening next. "Pagliacci, and Deux Pigeons -', In his 2012 biography of Dame Clara Butt, Maurice Leonard writes that Giulia was 'an unusually tall contralto', who formed 'a sort of operatic double act' with her sister the soprano Sofia Ravogli, the two women 'appearing in Norma, Aida and many other works together. They were so wrapped up in each other that when Sofia retired, so did Giulia, despite being at the peak of her career. She settled into nonmusical life as the wife of society surgeon Harrison Cripps.' Giulia 'possessed a fearsome lower range (she was dubbed “Il Tenore”and critic Herman Klein described her voice as possessing an “abnormally full, masculine timbre”) with an extraordinary upward extension which lifted her into the sporano territory; she did, in fact, sing several mezzo roles.'