[ Betty Vacani, dance teacher ] Typed Letter Signed "Betty Vacani" to "Mr. Pfister", father of Phrosso Pfister, later rincipal of The London College of Educational Dance Training (later the London College of Dance)

Betty Vacani [ Betty Vacani (Elizabeth Joan Hankinson), dancing teacher (1908-2003) ].
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[Headed notepaper] 159 Brompton Road, SW3, 18 April 1939
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Two pages, 12mo, fold mark, very good condition. "I was so delighted to get a letter from Phrosso this morning, saying that you were going to allow her to take up Dancing as a career when she has finished her Schooling in Paris. |We should be so very pleased to have her as a Student, as she has always shown such intense keenness and enthusiasm as a child in the Classes for her Dancing, that I am sure she will make a success in this very happy and health giving profession. [...]" She had sent a copy of the Agreement, and adds, "It is such an excellent thing for a girl to have a career in her hands these days, although there may be no call for it at the moment, one never knows when one will need it. Also it is so good for a young girl to be occupied [...]".