[ Anderson's College, Medical Society, Glasgow. ] Degree Certificate of Oliver Sunderland, signed by Professor Matthew Charteris and Professor Samson Gemmell of the University of Glasgow, and five others.

Anderson's College, Medical Society, Glasgow [ Matthew Charteris (1840-1897), Regius Professor of Materia Medica at Glasgow University; Samson Gemmell (1848-1913), Professor of Clinical Medicine ]
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Anderson's College, Medical Society, Glasgow. Dated 24 March 1883. Printed by Maclure & Macdonald, Glasgow.
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Anderson College was founded in 1796 following the will of John Anderson, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Initially known as Anderson’s Institution, in 1828 it changed its name to Anderson’s University and finally to Anderson’s College in 1877. Its medical school was founded in 1800 when Dr John Burns commenced lectures on anatomy and surgery. In 1887 the medical school of Anderson’s College became a separate and distinct institution known as Anderson’s College Medical School. It merged with Glasgow University in 1947. The present item is grandly printed in black and red on one side of a 51 x 35 cm piece of wove paper, and carries an engraved portrait of the founder. It is aged and worn, with chipping to the edges. It is signed by Honorary President 'M Charteris' [Matthew Charteris FRSE LRCSE (1840-1897), Regius Professor of Materia Medica at Glasgow University]; President 'Samson Gemmell' [(1848-1913), Professor of Clinical Medicine at Glasgow University]; Vice President 'Hugh Griffith Hughes'; Honorary Secretary 'John Cantley Holderness'; Treasurer 'Alfred '; Librarian 'Alexander M. Ross'; and Assistant Secretary 'Henry Johnson'. The text reads: 'Anderson's College, | Medical Society, Glasgow. | Pro Amicitia et Medicina. | Whereas Mr. [Oliver Sunderland] has been a distinguished member of this Association during [Two] Sessions, We his fellow members, in consideration of his services, approval of his conduct, and esteem for his character, both as a member of our body, and as a fellow student, do hereby confer on the said Mr. [Oliver Sunderland] our highest token of respect, viz. the Degree of | Honorary Member, | and would express the hope that this connection may be preserved to the close of a long and unsullied life. | Granted this [Twenty-fourth] day of [March] One thousand Eight hundred and [eighty three] years, in witness whereof we subjoin our Signatures.' Motto at foot: 'Ubi Mel, Ibi Apes.'?>