[ Vincent Figgins II, of Southgate, typefounder. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('V Figgins') to a subscriber to his facsimile edition of Caxton's 'Game and Playe of Chesse'.

Vincent Figgins II (d.1861), of Southgate, typefounder in Smithfield, with his brother James Figgins (1811-1884); son of Vincent Figgins (1780-1844) [ William Caxton, London printer ]
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London. 27 September 1855.
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1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The unnamed recipient's 'remittance for the "Game of Chesse" through the Post Office order has duly come to hand'. He thanks him for his subscription, and hopes he will 'find the book & the object of its publication worthy of being recommended to the support of others'. Figgins's facsimile edition is discussed in an 'Excursus' to J. A. Dane's 'Blind Impressions: Methods and Mythologies in Book History' (2013). Figgins died in Nice on 21 January 1861, his health undermined by the destruction of his foundry in West Street, Smithfield in 'a fire of a rather formidable character' on 4 July 1860. See the report on the fire in The Times, 5 July 1860; and the appeal by 'Mr. Figgins, the well-known type-founder' on behalf of 'the 64 men who were thrown out of employ by the catastrophe', Times, 21 July 1860.