[ [ Sir John David Rees, colonial administrator and author. ] Printed/manuscript extract from the Proceedings of the Madras Government, Public Department, giving Rees's marks in a civil service examination in 'the German and Russian languages'.

[ Sir John David Rees (1854-1922), colonial administrator and author ] [ Chief Secretariat, Madras; The Madras Government, Public Department ]
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Letterhead of the Chief Secretariat, Madras, Public Department. 23 November 1893 and 15 January 1894.
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2pp., folio. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with stub adhering to margin on reverse of leaf. An artefact of the Great Game, from the papers of Sir J. D. Rees. Printed beneath the letterhead are the words: 'READ the following paper: -', with the word 'paper' deleted. A manuscript table, certified as a 'True Extract' with the signature of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Madras ('Order 15th. January 1894 No. 27. | Communicated to Mr. Rees CIE and to the Accountant General'), giving Rees's 'results of the half yearly examination held by the Civil Service Commissioners in October 1893 of Officers of the Indian Services in the German and Russian languages' ('Russian | Officers who have spent a period of not less than eight months on duty in Russia'). Rees scores highly as a 'Civilian' interpreter, Madras Civil Service, with his marks given for Dictation, Translation from and into Russian, 'Writing an Essay and copying Manuscript', and oral, and total marks of 699 out of 800. Rees 'Will receive his orders from the Judicial and Public Department'. The paper is headed 'Endorsement of the Government of India, H.D. dated 30th. December 1893 No. 458 forwarding the following extract from a military letter from the Right Honorable [sic] the Secretary of State for India, No. 133, dated the 23rd November 1893'.