[ Mandela; Sir Ronald Harwood, playwright and screenwriter. ] Shooting Script, with numerous pages of amendments, of the British television drama film 'Mandela'.,directed by Peter Saville and starring Danny Glover.

Sir Ronald Harwood (born South Africa, 1934 as Ronald Horwitz), Oscar-winning playwright and screenwriter [ Peter Saville (1930-2016), British film director; Nelson Mandela ]
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[ TVS Limited, Shepperton Studios. ] Dated 9 September 1986.
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Typed screenplay, 103pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Paginated to 99, but with the pagination heavily disrupted by the addition and removal of a large number of pages of revisions on pink or blue paper, each amended leaf dated at the head. Held together with two metal studs, in yellow card binding with windowpane for title. Title-page states 'MANDELA | by | Ronald Harwood | 9 September 1986', without further details. Loosely inserted is a six-page 'Call Sheet No. 32', dated 17 September 1986, which names as the 'Production Base': 'TVS Limited | Room 5, The Old House | Shepperton Studios | Studios Road | Shepperton, Middlesex'. The call sheet includes a page of 'Call Sheet Notes' and another page headed 'Movement Order No. 1 (London)'. The script was clearly used by a member of the continuity or props department, as it has individual names highlighted in green, and properties highlighted in orange, with a few notes (including dating of some scenes) in blue ink. Note inside front cover: 'White Austin TJ 16721 Mandelas Sc41'. Glover was riding high on the success of 'Lethal Weapon', but 'Mandela' was not well received. It was accorded two unenthusiastic reviews in The Times: one by Peter Waymark on 24 September 1987 ('A black and white tale') and the other the following day by Martin Cropper ('Nelson deserves better than this').