[ Lord Macartney and John Hoole, translator of Tasso. ] Leaf removed from album, with an autobiographical inscription in Latin in Macartney's autograph on one page, and an unpublished translation of the poetical part of it by Hoole on the other,.

George Macartney, 1st Earl Macartney [ Lord Macartney ] (1737-1806); John Hoole (1727-1803), translator of Tasso and Ariosto, Principal Auditor at India House, member of the circle of Samuel Johnson
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Without place. 1786.
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On an 8vo leaf, removed from what would appear to be Hoole's journal. Aged and brittle, with wear to extremities. One page carries an autograph transcription by Macartney of an autobiographical Latin inscription in prose and verse, to which is appended a signed note by Hoole: 'given me by his Lordship | JH.' The other page carries an unpublished six-line translation by Hoole, translator by trade (Tasso) of the poetical section of Macartney's inscription. On the first page Macartney has headed his text: 'Inscription over the Gateway, at Lissanoure Castle, in the County of Antrim, in Ireland.' The present manuscript version of Macartney's autobiographical Latin inscription is headed 'Sub libertate | Quieti | Hos avitos agros, has aedes restitutas & ornatas, | D. D. D.', followed by four lines of prose and five of verse. It differs in large part from the final version (printed for example in the Asiatic Annual Register, 1806). The 'restitutas & ornatas' of this manuscript text is 'auctas ornatas' in the printed one. The initial prose section ends in the manuscript 'in patriam rediens, Anno Salutis 1786', while in the printed version it is 'in patriam redux anno 1796'. In the manuscript Macartney describes himself as 'D. D. D. Georgius Dominus Macartney, Baro de Lissanoure', while in the printed text he is 'Georgius comes de Macartney, Vice Conmes Macartney de Dervock; Dominus Macartney, Baro Macartney de Darkhurst et de Auchenleik in regno Magnae Britanniae'. The five lines of poetry ending the present manuscript version have been expanded to nine lines in the published version. There is also a textual difference in the first line: in the present manuscript it reads 'Nos-met Erin genuit, vidit nos Africa, Gangem', while in the printed version it reads: 'Erin nos genuit, vidit nos Africa, Gangem'. On the reverse is the unpublished translation in Hoole's autograph: 'Hibernia gave me birth; and Afric view'd | My wondering steps: I drank of Ganges' flood, | Explor'd those climes which first Columbus found; | And trac'd the states of Europe round; | And various toils by land and ocean past, | Here rest and hail my country Gods at last.' At the foot of the first page, in a Victorian hand: 'Autograph of Lord Macartney'; and at the foot of the second page, in the same hand: 'Autograph of John Hoole. | Translator of “Tasso.” -'?>