[ Sir Richard Redmayne, civil engineer. ] Six Autograph Letters Signed (all 'R. a. s. Redmayne') to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, regarding Society business and 'Mr. Digby's death'

Sir Richard Redmayne [ Sir Richard Augustine Studdert Redmayne ] (1955), civil and consulting engineer in Britain and South Africa [ Royal Society of Arts ]
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The last four on his letterhead, 34 Victoria Street, Westminster; the first from Imperial Mineral Resources Bureau, London; the second from the Imperial Institute, London. 1924, 1925, 1926 (3), 1927.
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The six items in good condition, lightly aged. Each with the Society's stamp. Each 1p., 8vo. On 25 September 1925 he expresses sorrow on hearing 'of Mr. Digby's death. What was the cause of it? It seems only the other day that I saw him at the Society of Arts on the occasion of Professor Parks' address, when I took the chair.' He also states that he can 'say positively that I could read my paper before the Royal Society of Arts on December 2nd, but I am doubtful on the point – such a mass of pressing work has come along since I first contemplated writing the paper. I might be able to do it and I might not!' He suggests meeting 'at luncheon at the Athenaeum next week' to 'talk the matter over'. The other five letters relate to Society business: taking the Chair for papers by 'Dr. Corless' and 'in the case of Lord Cecil's non-return in time from Geneva'; sending a list of 'names of persons all greatly interested in the question' (with postscript referring to 'their Majesties' visit to the Institute'); his 're-election as a Member of Council'; the sending of tickets to 'Colonel Wm. McLellan and Mr R. Nelson, both of Messrs Merz and McLellan', for a meeting 'on the occasion of Mr Hodges address, as they both take an intelligent interest in the Coal Mining Industry and the economics thereof'.