[ Alan Pryce-Jones, editor of The Times Literary Supplement. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Alan Pryce-Jones | as from The Times | E.C.4.') to 'Mr. Elliot' [ Hubert Elliot ], giving advice regarding his 'Heathfield MS'.

Alan Pryce-Jones [ Lt-Col. Alan Payan Pryce-Jones ] (1908-2000), literary critic and author, editor of The Times Literary Supplement, 1948-1959
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On letterhead of Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent. 7 November [ circa 1955 ].
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2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter begins: 'When Violet asked me first about your Heathfield MS I suggested John Murray as a suitable publisher: the young John Murray (not so young but distinct from Sir John) is an old friend of mine and a nice fellow, whose advice would be worth having.' He gives the firm's address, and suggests the name of 'an historian'. Elliot's work on George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, Governor of Gibraltar during the Great Siege of 1779-1783, does not appear to have been published.