[ Admiral Northesk; Trafalgar; Bullen ] Autograph Note Signed "Northesk" to the Honourable William Cornwallis, Admiral of the White, e&c.

Admiral William Carnegie, 7th Earl of Northesk GCB (1758–1831)
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Bri[tannia] - off Ushant Aug. 14th 1805.
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One page, 15x 16cm, obviously lower half of a larger piece of paper (indicating a shortage of paper onboard?), with some illegible writing just showing at top. " Sir, | I have the Honor to enclose a letter from Capt. Bullen desiring to be superseded in the command of this ship, which I request may be transmitted to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty [...]". Note: Apparently Bullen (see Wikipedia) who served in the American War of Independence like Northesk, and had a distinguished naval career, kept his post. He distinguished himself in the Battle of Trafalgar despite having a slow ship.