[ The Duchess of Marlborough, the Earl of Godolphin, and Lord Sundon. ] Autograph Signatures ('S: Marlbrough | Godolphin | Sundon') on part of an Exchequer receipt.

Sarah Churchill (1660-1744), Duchess of Marlborough, wife of the great Duke of Marlborough; Francis Godolphin (1678-1766), 2nd Earl of Godolphin; William Clayton (1671-1752), 1st Baron Sundon
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[ Court of Exchequer, London. 17 May 1740. ]
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On an irregular piece of paper, 18cm. high and 23cm. wide at the extremities. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Torn from a larger leaf, with one side carrying manuscript additions completing printed text ('In Repayment of Loan on the Eighteenth, 2s. Aid, Anno 1739.'). In manuscript: 'The most Noble Sarah Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough, the Right Honble Francis Earl of Godolphin, the Right Honble William Lord Sundon Executors of the late most Noble John Duke of Marlborough'. The signatures are on the reverse, with more manuscript text.