[ An Irish Ascendancy diary, 1798-1821, beginning with the Wexford Rebellion. ] Typescript of 'Diary of my grandmother, ELISABETH RICHARDS, Copied from the original manuscript found Huis Ten Donck 1917.'

Elizabeth Richards (1778-1863) of County Wexford, Ireland, wife of Count Frederik Willem van Limburg Stirum of Huis Ten Donck, Holland [ Anna Elizabeth Groeninx van Zoelen (1850-1922); Ireland, 1798 ]
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Typescript (made in the 1930s or 1940s?) of 1917 manuscript transcript by Anna Elizabeth Groeninx van Zoelen of Huis Ten Donck, Holland, of her grandmother Elizabeth Richards' diary entries dating from between 27 May 1798 and 1 May 1821.
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68pp., 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The diary has been published in a scholarly edition, edited by Marie de Jong-Ijsellstein (Hilversum: Verloren, 1999), where it is described as 'an excellent example of an early nineteenth-century journal intime'. The present typescript, which appears to date from the 1930s or 1940s, is a carbon copy of a typescript of Anna Elizabeth Groeninx van Zoelen's manuscript transcript of her grandmother's diary. The present typescript differs in incidentals from the version presented in the 1999 publication, which is said to have been transcribed 'as accurately as possible' from the manuscript transcript, the punctuation in the present version more closely resembling that of the period. The account deals exclusively with the family's time in Ireland, and ends mid-sentence in the entry for 1 May 1821, the rest of the diary, partly written in Dutch, dealing with the family's life in Ireland.