[ Anouilh ] A collection of material, mainly correspondence, from the papers of Edward Marsh, translator of Anouilh and others, including two ALsS in French from Anouilh and a publishing agreement signed by him (about 40 items).

Jean Anouilh, French playwright [Edward O. Marsh, translator and biographer of Anouilh].
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A small archive of material relating to the translation into English and production in the UK and USA of works by Jean Anouilh (particularly "Dinner with the Family"), comprising: A. Two Autograph Letters Signed "Jean Anouilh", in French, to Edward Marsh, translator and biographer of Anouilh, one dated in pencil "Feb. 1953", one of two pages, the other of one, both 4to, condition only fair. As far as I can tell, the contents are as follows: (Ist letter) Anouilh agrees to a performance of "Rendezvous a Senlis" at Polson's Theatre, subject to Marsh's assurances("artistiquement"), adding the wish (?) that van Loewen and "son patron" Curtis Brown, agents, will arrange a West End appearance. He states his financial terms. He awaits concluding detail of the contract, and wishes him luck, adding a postscript that he would be "heureux de lire la traduction"; (2nd letter, 2pp., Feb. 1953) He appreciates so much effort on his behalf (on "Rendezvous?), particularly when he feels "demodé déja, du moins par le capricieux Paris". He hopes his efforts are rewarded. He goes on to discuss the production of "le voyageur" (prob."Le Voyageur sans bagage"), discussing Van Lowen the agent and invoking the names of Peter Brook, distinguished director, and John Gielgud. Further discussion of "Rendezvous" (contract, the "fidelité" of an English translation, etc). He suggests that Marsh try the BBC for a production of "voyageur"; B. Four draft and copy letters from Marsh to Anouilh, three handwritten, one typed,dating from 5 March 1952, some heavily worked with corrections, additions and changes, concerning aspects of translation, rights, and production, one substantial with notes about Anouilh's works; C. Memorandum of Agreement between John Anouilh and Edward Marsh AND Coward-McCann (US publishers) for "Dinner with the Family", 1951, seven pages, folio, signed by parties iincluding Jean Anouilh, Edward Marsh and Theodore U. Purdy (Publishers). These three parties have also initialled each of the seven pages. Rights to publication in the English language in the USA; D. Memorandum of Agreement Edward Marsh and W.H. Allen, publishers, for Marsh's biography of Anouilh, "This Man Anouilh", 1952, signed by Marsh and a director of W.H. Allen; E. Memorandum of Agreement for "Dinner with the Family" with publishers, Methuen, 1957, signed only by Methuen director (not Anouilh); F. Fourteen items concerning Marsh's biography of Anouilh, including correspondence with the publisher, W.H. Allen; a letter from Jean Flory of the Theatre de l'atelier in praise (("une place de choix en ma bibliothèque"); a letter from a representative of his agent, Jan van Loewen, reporting Anouilh's surprise at not having a copy of the biography; list of "Pictures for 'Anouilh'" dated 15 Sept. 1952; a letter from Harpoer and Brothers saying the USA is not ready for a biography of Anouilh; G. Five items concerning Zeke Berlin's production of "Dinner with the Family", 1959-60 (permissions, discussion, and planning for performance in New York), including detailed letters from Berlin; H. Four items relating to the Royal Court's boss, Murray Macdonald's negative response to "Dinner with the Family" (not "his kind of play"); I. Typed Letter Signed rom Paul Schofield, actor, saying he liked "Dinner with the Family" but has commitments (with copy letter from Marsh to Schofield); J. Material re. New York production in 1961 of "Rendezvous at Senlis" (director Zeke Berlin), including programme, newspaper clippings/reviews, and detailed letter about it from "Geoffrey" of the BBC New York; three items of related correspondence.