Subscription copy of the splendid coloured frontispiece engraving of a tiger, after a drawing by Howitt, to the original atlas folio edition of Williamson's 'Wild Sports of the East'.

Samuel Howitt (c.1756-1823) [Captain Thomas Williamson; Edward Orme]
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[1807.] 'Pub by Edwd. Orme | 59 Bond Street'.
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On thick light-blue/grey laid paper, 60 x 48 cm, with thin strip of white stub to left-hand margin. In a small neat contemporary hand in top right-hand corner: 'P. W. Baker Esqr. Subn Copy'. Lightly creased and worn, with a central vertical fold line running through the centre of the print, which is coloured in gouache in greys, greens, browns and pinks, with a blue bankground. A few small patches of colour rubbed away from the print, the dimensions of which are roughly 29 x 39 cm. The lion (roughly 8 x 30 cm), with a palm tree behind him, reclines majestically on a rock, on the front of which, in elegant letters, is written 'WILD SPORTS | of the | East' and 'Pub by Edwd. Orme | 59 Bond Street'. Williamson's work would be reissued, with Howitt's designs, in various formats, but this item derives from the first and best edition of a landmark work, Howitt's sumptuous illustratons to which provided one of the first authentic representations of their eastern dominions to the British public.