[ E. A. Smith of the Natural History Museum, zoologist and malacologist. ] Five Autograph Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed to H. J. V. Lynge of Copenhagen

E. A. Smith [ Edgar Albert Smith ] (1847-1916) of the Natural History Museum, zoologist and malacologist [ Herman Johannes Vilhelm Lynge (1862-1945), Danish antiquarian bookseller and zoologist ]
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Five on letterheads of the British Museum (Natural History), Cromwell Road, London. Between 1903 and 1910.
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The seven items in good condition, showing light signs of age and wear. Four signed 'Edgar A. Smith' and three 'E. A. Smith'. The letters totalling 10pp. A learned correspondence, with Smith attempting, not always successfully, to identify Lynge's specimens, passing comment and suggesting publications. In the last letter, 19 February 1910, he thanks him 'for the copy of your work on the Marine Lamellibranchiata of the Gulf of Siam and also for the compliment you have paid me in associating my name with one of the new specimens.' He anticipates reading the memoir 'with great interest', and deriving 'much valuable help from it. The plates seem quite excellent, do they not?' Lynge's 1909 'Marine Lamellibranchiata. The Danish Expedition to Siam' was the culmination of his life's work in the field.