The Sea Hornet: design, construction, and development.

The De Havilland Aircraft Co. Ltd
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A large collection of material concerning the Hornet, 1944-1946, illuminating not only on the development of the Hornet but de Havilland procedures. It includes blueprints, drawings, data, memoranda, concessions, technical bulletins, service complaints, and related, as follows:1. (De Havilland Aircraft Co, company technical procedure) 25 large blueprints of various parts, folded. One has note "This Jack Assy to be used in Ist 15 Aircraft only", another "Sub-Contracted", etc.2. (De Havilland Propellers). Two large drawings, c.25 x 13", folded (Hydromatic Four-Bladed Type: a. Sequence of Installation; b. Extended View).3. (Drawing Office Instructions, etc.) Circa 50 further blueprints, many headed Drawing Office Instructions, 4to, many folded. Small drawings mainly to do with modifications to components.4. Circular Memoranda, 7 items, mimeo, 8vo and 4to, concerning tests run by the Morris Motor company on Hornet cooling units, copy of a letter from Rolls Royce about Mosquito, and others.5. Inspection Schedule. Special technical instructions, typescript, one page, folio.6. Ibid., some filled in by hand.7. Technical Bulletins, 95 items, 4to. With some circular memoranda and (blueprint) schedule of parts.8. W.I.D. Instructions, Preliminary Issue No.1, November 21, 1944. D.H. 103 "Hornet". Folder containing 21pp., folio, mimeo. (experimental stage).9. Concessions, 13pp., 4to (blueprint) (Incl. Description of defect, remedy, decision).10. Hornet Aircraft Data. Inspection Dept. Folder containing typescript, 12pp., folio, with drawings, blueprints, and other material including a loose package containing information stamped "Experimental" and "For Advanced Information Only Not to be used for production purposes", etc.11. Service Complaints on Hornet Aircraft, 19pp., oblong folio, mimeo (description, action, etc.).12. Applicability of A.M. Modifications of Sea Hornet Aircraft as finalised by R.T.O. Hatfield, 9pp., obl. Fol. With: Naval Power Plant Modification for Sea Mosquito and Sea Hornet, 2pp., fol. Other modifications, 7pp., fol.13. Inspection Record. Verbal Instruction, 8pp., 8vo.14. Works Query Notes, 47pp., fol.Continued:-215. (MOSQUITO):a.SCALAR(0x82dae14)Blueprint, "Chassis Jack Adjustment" (30 July 1942), c.29 x 20".b.SCALAR(0x82de368)Blueprint, "Mosquito Hydraulic System Testing" (17 July 1942; Traced by Garnet & Co., 15 March 1944), 29 x 20".16. Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Co. Ltd, London & Leamington Spa Aircraft Division, three drawings, "Gen Arrg. Of Pick Hook Damper" (26 x 20"), "General Arrangement of Hydraulic Jack" (28 x 20"), "Installation of Pick Hook Damper" (28 x 10").The collection,