[ Printed First World War pamphlet. ] A Call to War Workers of the Engineering and Shipbuilding Industries.

F. H. Rose, Amalgamated Society of Engineers [ Frank Herbert Rose (1857-1928) ]
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London: Hayman, Christy & Lilly, Ltd. 1918.
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8pp., 8vo. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Begins: 'This address is a call from the work bench. The writer is not a paid official of the State or the Trade Union, and has no ambition or intention to become either.' In the author's view 'the disconcerting truth is that, particularly during the past twelve months, production per head has dwindled, and energy has relaxed far beyond the limits assignable to physical weariness or even mental apathy'. Headings: 'The Engineers' War', 'Enemies Within', 'The Shop Steward Movement: Its Use and Abuse', 'Pacifism and the Workers', 'Our Grievances', 'Without Malice', 'Warning'. No copy in the British Library, and the only copy on COPAC at the London School of Economics.