[ Luther Munday, Secretary of the Old Lyric Club. ] Printed handbill for a 'Private Farewell Matinee' for Mr and Mrs Luther Munday, at the Green Park Club, London, with facsimile signatures of 'Stars in the firmament of Art'.

[ Luther Munday, Secretary of the Old Lyric Club; Constance, Countess of Romney; the Green Park Club, London; the Old Lyric Club; Herbert Beerbohm Tree ]
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'at the St James' Theatre, kindly lent by Mr. George Alexander, On Friday, June 7th, 1907, at 3 p.m.'
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4pp., folio. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper slightly worn at head. The front page is headed 'H.R.H. Princess Christian and the Royal Members, are Patrons of a Private Farewell Matinee arrranged by Lady Romney on behalf of the Green Park Club for Mr. and Mrs. Luther Munday'. The names of twenty performers are listed beneath this, headed by Herbert Beerbohm Tree, with various other individuals named. The central two pages form a single arrangement of dozens of facsimile signatures, beneath the following message from the Countess of Romney, as President of the Green Room Club: 'Names are the beads of Memory's Rosay. I have had these autographs fac-similied from Mr. Munday's collection of letters because they connect the past with the present. These, Stars in the firmament of Art, have all, and many more, without money or price, taken some part in the Thousand Hours of Play and Song - social gatherings initiated and managed by Mr. & Mrs. Munday. To this Farewell Tribute from the Green Park Club, headd by its Royal members, I have added overleaf one other record, viz: that of the original Lyric Club. These (with 76 organized for charities) comprise 400 Entertainments given during the past 20 years.' The final page is headed 'Copy of a Record of the Old Lyric Club, 1887. | To the Secretary: Mr. Luther Munday'. Among those endorsing the account are Edward Spencer Churchill, Henry Irvving, Arthur Sullivan, George Grossmith and Charles Wyndham.