[ Methodist History ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed "Thos Marriott" to the "Rev. James Everett, Wesleyan Minister, York", on his writings (Methodist memoirs). and relevant works by others.

Thomas Marriott, Methodist Preacher (City Road Chapel) [ James Everett, Minister, miscellaneous writer (historian of Methodism) ]
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Windsor Terrace [City Road]. 13 November 1861.
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Four pages, 4to, creased but good condition. Thanks for a letter. He differs with his correspondent on the "postponing the projected Memoir of Dr Clarke [published 1843-9]. I think it should have appeared 2 or 3 years ago and taken precedence of Dan[ie]l Isaacs. With Dawson's life you are prompt [published 1842] and the publishers will find the advantage in an extensive sale. Every one who has seen him in the Pulpit or heard him from the Platform are desirous to refresh their memory with an outline of his extraordinary character" but postponement of publication would mean loss of public interest. "Not so in Dr Clarke he must live from generation to generation but a 'conversational life' should be for his cotemporaries who are now rapidly passing away. | I think [Thomas] Jackson has murdered his own Work by cutting it into slips for the Magazine and reduced it into shilling parts. Surely a connexion like ours would have taken off the whole 1500 copies of Charles Wesley's Life [...promoting a review in the Magazine]". He then quotes a "MS. Letter Dated Wakefield 27 Sep. 1791" written by William Thompson at length about his life of Whitehead and the effects of publishing it in the Magazine. He goes on to discuss the unsatisfactory "state of our Funds" and mentions the resignation of a "Mr Farmer", Treasurer. He cuts short his letter because of a visit (found among his "books and papers"), but adds a closely written full page of notes on Everett's work on Dr Clarke. Note: Marriott bequeathed £10,000 to the Wesleyan Missionary Society (obit. in Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, vol.75, p.103 (1852)).