[ Paul Bugeja, Maltese author. ] Typescript of a play: 'Honour Her Brave People. A Tragedy in 3 acts about conditions in MALTA G.C. as they are and as they might be'. With covering Typed Letter Signed to the theatre historian W. Macqueen-Pope.

Paul Bugeja, Maltese author [ Malta; W. Macqueen-Pope [ Walter James Macqueen-Pope ] (1888-1960), theatre historian ]
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Play from 13 Caledonia Mansions, Qui S Sana, Sliema, Malta G.C. Undated [ containing reference to 1942 ]. Bugeja's covering letter from same address, 30 June 1952.
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ONE: Typescript. [3] + 94pp., 4to. Stapled in green tyed wraps. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper; in aged and worn wraps. Stage directions underlined in red pencil, and a handful of minor manuscript changes. 'The action of this play takes place in Malta G.C. The characters are purely fictitious, but the events, though imaginary and unreal, yet, they are in the author's view, a grim portrayal of the shape of things to come.' The play centres around the family of 'Sir Philip Gatt, a Maltese statesman and imperialist, at one time a leader of the workers', and also features a 'Pacifist' and an 'Agitator'. TWO: Typed Letter Signed from Bugeja to W. Macqueen-Pope. 2pp., 4to. On aged paper worn at extremities. Responding to Macqueen-Pope's observation that Malta is 'a hero in its own right' Bugeja writes 'It is very gratifying to know that there are still people in England who think of Malta as such. These last few years there has been much discontent in this outpost of the Empire. The majority of the Maltese, particularly the working masses, feel that they have been let down rather badly by the British, and a deep sense of frustration and disillusion prevails.' He continues with reference to the Churchill Government, Communism, the Commonwealth. Of the play he writes: 'I tried very hard not to take sides and to present as far as possible a true of [sic] picture of things as they actually are. If I did present our case a little too strongly, I only did so in the belief that if the play is eventually produced, it would not fail to drive home to the British the real state of affairs in this fortress island.' He regards the play as his 'best effort at playwriting so far; it is the only play I have written since the war. MALTA FEVER was a rewrite of an old play written in 1938.' Bugeja published a couple of books on the Maltese language, and another on the island's educatonal system. Two of his plays - 'A Murderer in the House' and 'A Woman's Folly' - were published, with an introductio by Michael Frendo, in a collection titled Scenario Two in 1992. No record has been found - either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC - of the publication of the present item.