[ Edith Nesbit, children's author. ] Illustrated handbill, signed by her 'E. Nesbit', celebrating 'The Reconstruction of Rheims Cathedral as a Memorial to the Allied Fallen'.

E. Nesbit [ Edith Nesbit; Edith Bland ] (1858-1924), Children's author and poet, a founder of the Fabian Society [ Restoration of Rheims [ Reims ] Cathedral, following the First World War ]
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Signed and dated: 'E. Nesbit | 1921'.
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Printed in black ink on one side of a 14 x 11 cm piece of wove paper. At the foot, in blue ink, is a good firm signature: 'E. Nesbit | 1921.' Above a central engraving of the façade of the Cathedral is written in stylised lettering: 'THE RECONSTRUCTION OF RHEIMS CATHEDRAL AS A MEMORIAL TO THE ALLIED FALLEN'. Beneath the illustration is printed, in conventional lettering: 'May France and the British Empire ever walk side by side in the paths of Peace!' Restoration of the cathedral began in 1919, and is still in progress.