[ The World Passport. ] Two Typed Letters Signed from Garry Davis to Michael Korn [the bookseller Eric Korn], regarding 'World Government and World Citizenship', together with Korn's 'World Citizen' 'Identity Card'.

[ Garry Davis [Sol Gareth Davis] (1921-2013), international peace activist and creator of the World Passport; Eric Korn [ Michael Eric Korn ] (1933-2014), antiquarian bookseller ]
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One letter dated 5 March 1949 (no place); the other undated, from 17 rue Notre-Dame des Champs, Paris. The identity card without place or date.
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IDENTITY CARD: Bifolium. 12 x 8 cm. Printed in black and grey on outer covers and in black over green inside. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Cover headed 'IDENTITY CARD' with 'WORLD CITIZEN' in a variety of scripts around a circular logo of human figure. Internal statement: 'This card certifies that the holder is registered as a world-citizen. He will try to recognise his responsibilities as a member of the World Community.' Korn is 'No 12030'. Filled-in in ink for Michael Korn of 62 Aberdare Gardens, Hampstead, London. With oval stamp of the International Registry of World Citizens ('09/3'). Signed in pencil 'Erik [sic] Korn'. LETTER ONE: No place. 5 March 1949. 1p., 12mo. Heavily aged and worn. Thanking him for his interest 'in the work we are doing'. There has been an encouraging 'flood of letters', and as he cannot deal with all the correspondence personally, he has 'turned your letter over to Mr. Cameron of the British Section of the Registry who will give you an indication of our plans for the future'. LETTER TWO: From Paris. No date. 1p., 4to. Heavily aged and worn. 'There are many of us standing together in this world crisis, so many that I can't keep up with my mail right now as I would like to.' He has received 'thousands of letters from people all over the world who feel as you and I do, about the vital importance of working for World Government and World Citizenship no, to-day. | Our voices separate, are no match for the "national interests" leading to World War III but if there are enough of us, it will be possible to join the ranks of fighters for freedom and security for the whole world.' The final paragraph encourages Korn to agitate on behalf of the movement. Davis's International Registry of World Citizens was founded in Paris in January 1949, and registered over 750,000 individuals, Davis managing to gain the endorsement of Albert Einstein, Albert Camus and Andre Gide. Four and a half years later, on 4 September 1953, he declared the World Government of World Citizens. The second of the two letters at least has the feel of a circular, but they both appear to have been typed out rather than reproduced.