[R. H. Naylor, astrologer.] Typed Signed Horoscope of President Roosevelt, with letter to John Gordon, editor of the Sunday Express, reporting 'queer indications therein'. With typed copy of report of Naylor's 1936 trial, brought by Maurice Barbanell

R. H. Naylor [Richard Harold Naylor] (1889-1952), Britain's first newspaper astrologer [John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the London 'Daily Express'; Maurice Barbanell (1902-1982)]
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Letter from Naylor to Gordon: On his letterhead, 43 Museum Street, London, WC1. 21 January 1941. Horoscope dating from a round the same time. Report of trial undated [March 1936].
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Three items from the papers of John Gordon, editor of the Daily Express. The first two in good condition, lightly aged and creased; the third creased and torn, with slight loss to text. ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('R. H. N.') from Naylor to Gordon. 1p., 12mo. Headed 'Confidential'. He writes: 'Having drawn up an Astrological Chart for the time of the official inauguration of Roosevelt's Third Term I find some queer indications there. To me they are tremendously interesting and as I think you might find them interesting too I am sending you a copy of the notes I have filed. | By this time I suppose you will regard me as the SUNDAY TIMES Jeremiah, but there you are! | Please let me know if this reaches you safely.' TWO: Typed Horoscope, signed by Naylor ('R H R'), and headed 'President Roosevelt's Third Term of Office'. Begins: 'According to the wireless broadcasts the inauguration ceremony commenced at noon, Washington. The President actually finished affirmation of his oath at 12.11 p.m. Local Standard Time (or 5.11 p.m. G.M.T.). From the Astrological Chart drawn for that time and place, the following conclusions may be drawn'. Six numbered paragraphs follow, the first three headed: 'The President will not complete his Third Term of Office', 'During the President's tenure of office terrific political strife will develop' and 'Roosevelt will, however, become one of the three leading figures in the World and earn an outstanding place in war history.' THREE: Copy of Typed report of Naylor's trial for fortune telling. 5pp., 4to. Headed '"Fortune Telling" Summonses. | Newspaper Test Case.', with 'Banks' in the top right-hand corner of the first page. Substantially the same as the report published in The Times, 14 March 1936, under the heading "Fortune Telling" Sumonses | Charges Dismissed'. The case brought by Maurice Barbanell against Naylor for fortune telling, under the Vagrancy Act of 1824, was dismissed following some amusing exchanges. Barbanell was the spirit medium 'Silver Birch', and editor of 'Psychic News'. Note: "In 1930, he commissioned R. H. Naylor to write a horoscope for the birth of Princess Margaret. This proved popular, and Gordon retained it as a regular feature - the first regular newspaper horoscope." (Wikipedia)