[Seventeenth-century engravings of Amsterdam.] Seven original copperplate engravings from Caspar Commelijn's 'Beschryvinge van Amsterdam'

Caspar Commelijn [Caspar Commelin; Casparus Commelin] (1667-1731), botanist and publisher
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[t'Amsterdam, Voor Wolfgang, Waasberge, Boom, van Someren en Goethals. 1693.]
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The seven engravings are on 8vo leaves extracted from the volume. All roughly 12 x 15cm, in text. All in good condition, on lightly aged paper. They comprise: 'OUDE NIEUWE-BRUG' (p.625), 'KOLVENIERS DOELEN' (p.665), 'STADS WAPEN | ofte Artellery-Huysen.' (p.668), 'OUDE STADTS HERBERGH' (p.673), 'NIEUWE STADTS HERBERGH' (p.675), 'SCHEEPS-KRANEN' (p.711), 'GESCHUDT en KLOKGIETERY' (p.721)