[Photographs; stereoscopic views; Boer War] South Africa 1900 For Queen and Flag

Underwood & Underwood, early producer and distributor of stereoscopic and other photographic images.
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72 stereoscopic views of aspects on the Second Boer War, numbered 1-72 inclusive, hence assumed to be a complete set, in custom-made box with image of a (soldier's) belt, with a motto, "For Empire Queen and Flag" within the belt-circle, and "South Africa | 1900, within the image and a motif, "Sun Sculpture" within a rising sun. [The National Army Museum catalogues one of 89 that they have as "produced by Works and Sun Sculpture Studios, 1900" for Underwood & Underwood. Presumably they custom-made this box also.] The subject of the view is given in English beneath the view, and on the reverse in six languages. Subjects are aspects of the Boer War, including military and some medical, from the assembly of Gordon Highlanders at Edinburgh Castle (no.1), f the Lancashire Fusiliers on board (no.2), view of Cape Town and Bay (no.5), Canadian Troops packing up (no. 9), Foreign attachés (USA, Russia, Germany etc) "studying the Military Situation in S.A. " (no.10), Royal Munster Fusiliers (no.11), Montmorency's Scouts (no. 13), Baking bread in Field Ovens (no. 18), First Royla Irishmen (no. 22), Boer Farm (no. 26), Gallant storming of a Boer Koje (no. 31), a skirmish,, a charge, camps, pickets, riflemen, French's cavalry, telegraphists, Orange River trenches, wounded received by medical staff, "the last message home" from a hospital bed, Australian Mounted Rifles (52), Australians after victpory at Belmont (53), Austrlians welcomed at stables (55), "dying bugler's last call" (6), the Modder River, Field Hospital, burial place, Cronje's 4000 Boers after surrender (67), ammunition column, First Train of Refugees out of Kimberley (71), "In the Field Hospital on the Tugela River" (72). In good condition, except one damaged, with partial obscuring of image. No other collection in this form, the box with 72 views, has been traced, many libraries just having individual items from the series.