[Medical Research Council (Committee of Privy Council for Medical Resarch), London.] Run of 20 issues of the 'Report of the Medical Research Council', from 1919/20 to 1945/1948.

[Medical Research Council (Committee of Privy Council for Medical Resarch); London]
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London: Printed by His Majesty's Stationery Office. 20 issues between 1920 to 1949.
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The collection in fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. With labels, stamps and shelfmarks of the Board of Education Reference Library. A broken run of twenty issues from 1919-1920 to 1930-1931 (12 issues), issue for 1931-1932 lacking, and from 1932-1933 to 1938-1939 (7 issues), and finally the issue for 1945-1948. Octavo, in uniform cream wraps, and ranging in length from 104pp. (first in series, 1919-1920) to 283pp. (last in series, 1945-1948). Each report is subdivided into numerous sections, under such headings as (in the 1919-1920 issue): 'The National Institute for Medical Research', 'Experimental Medicine and the Research Work of Clinical Units', 'The Determination of Biological Standards and the Methods of Biological Assay and Measurement', 'Research Schemes in Specific Subjects', and 'Researches in Industrial Medicine and the Industrial Fatigue Research Board'. The last issue in the series (1945-1948) adds to the subheadings: 'Research Work aided by Grants', 'Training Studentships and Research Fellowships', 'Public Health Laboratory Service' and 'Personal References and Acknowledgements'. Online copies of various issues in the run are listed on COPAC, but no originals.