[Victorian umbrella ephemera from Banbury.] Four advertising handbills printed by Cheney & Sons: including J. Harlock & Son's 'Banbury Umbrella Hospital', an engraving of a whippet with an umbrella on a bicycle; and 'Stone's Umbrella Holder'.

[J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers, Banbury; Henry Stone & Son, wholesale stationers, Banbury; Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
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Banbury: Three for J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers, 3, Parson's Street; and the other for 'Stone' [Henry Stone & Son, stationers]. [All printed by Cheney & Sons, but two without printers' details.] None dated [all circa 1890].
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All four items tastefully printed by Cheney & Sons, and all in very good condition. The first two items with 'CHENEY & SONS. TYP., BANBURY' at the foot of the first page; the third and fourth items without printers' details. ONE: For 'J. Harlock & Son, Linen & Woollen Drapers'. 4pp., 16mo (14 x 11 cm). Bifolium. On paper which is light-blue on one side and pink on the other. The design of the item features the cutting away for the top corner of the first leaf to reveal the words 'Sole Agents in Banbury for Dr. Jaeger's sanitary clothing' on the second. Mention made of 'Liberty's Art Fabrics and Muslins' and 'Liberty's & Jaeger's Dress Goods'. At head of back page: 'BANBURY UMBRELLA HOSPITAL | Umbrellas Recovered in 5 minutes, in ten different qualities, from 2/6 to 10/6. | Repairs attended to. | Umbrellas from 1/0 1/2 to 21/-. Umbrellas made to order.' TWO: For 'J. Harlock & Son, Linen and Woollen Drapers and Carpet Warehousemen'. 4pp., 16mo (15 x 12cm). Bifolium. Printed in dark blue on light blue paper. Giving details of the 'several Departments' of the business. Back page devoted to umbrellas, with 10.5 x 8 cm engraving of a whippet riding a bicycle, guiding the handlebars with one paw while holding an open umbrella over its head in the other. THREE: For 'J. Harlock & Son, Banbury.' 4pp., 12mo. (15 x 12cm). Printed in red ink on cream paper. Advertising items including '120 Carpet Squares', 'Witney Blankets & Austrian Rugs', 'Quantity of Jaeger Goods | To be sold at 10 per cent. less than usual'. Once again the whole of the back page carries advertisements for umbrellas, different from those in Item Two, but with the same engraving of the whippet. FOUR: 'Stone's Umbrella Holder'. Printed in dark red ink on one side of a 19 x 14.5cm piece of green paper. Tastefully laid out with decorative border and small engraving. 'No. 266. | Price 6d. each. | For Fixing to Shop Counters, Walls of Restaurants, Reading Rooms, &c, &c. Made of Electro-Brass, supplied with Screws ready for fixing. The pan at the bottom is movable for te purpoe of emptying.' The printers' details are not given, but the item comes from the archive of Cheney & Sons, 'General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury'. For more about the firm see 'John Cheney and his descendants, printers in Banbury since 1767' (1936) and the Victoria County History volume for the County of Oxford, Banbury Hundred.