[Hampden Gurney Schools, Marylebone, London.] 'Sunday School Award of Merit' medal, manuscript 'Prize Essay written for Mr. Blair's Prize', two printed Christmas Concert progammes, and printed label signed by Rev. W. Hammersley and Rev. E. B. Ottley

[Hampden Gurney Schools, Marylebone, London, 1889 and 1890; Rev. W. Hammersley, headmaster; Rev. E. B. Ottley, Chairman of Committee]
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[Hampden Gurney Schools, Marylebone, London.] The Christmas Concert programmes both printed by J. Martin & Son, Portman Printing Works, 18 Lisson Grove, NW; 1889 and 1890. The prize essay dated December 1890. The other two items undated.
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The five items, which would make for an attractive display on the theme of Victorian education, relate to the Hampden Gurney Schools, which were founded in 1863, in the newly-named Hampden Gurney Streeet, as a memorial to the recently-deceased Rev. John Hampden Gurney (1802-1862), Rector of St Mary’s, Bryanston Square. The school is now the Hampden Gurney Church of England Primary School, and is located in Nutford Place. ONE: Metal circular medal, 3.75 cm in diameter. In very good condition. One side is stamped with the words 'AWARDED FOR REGULAR AND PUNCTUAL ATTENDANCE', within a border carrying the phrase 'CONTINUANCE IN WELL DOING ROM.II.7.' On the other side is stamped a scene of a teacher in a schoolroom full of children, with 'GOD IS LOVE' on the wall above him, 'RD. NO. 65429' at the foot, and the border carrying the phrase 'SUNDAY SCHOOL AWARD OF MERIT'. The medal is attached to a piece of green silk ribbon. TWO: Commencement of anonymous manuscript 'Prize Essay written for Mr. Blair's Prize of £2. 2. 0. December, 1890. | entitled | Honesty is the Best Policy.' The author is named as 'Harry Bray' in Item Four below. Neatly written out on one side of a long piece of paper, 77 x 17 cm. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. The author opines that 'The boy who copies his answers from a "key" at school, who cheats at marbles, cricket or other games; though he may escape detection, and obtain a temporary advantage is never-the-less on the "Broad road which leads to Destruction." The essay breaks off as he is giving an example of one of the 'successful "honest" men', 'the founder of the great banking house of Rothschild'. ITEMS THREE and FOUR: Hampden Gurney Schools programmes of the 'Christmas Concert and Distribution of Prizes' for 1889 and 1890. Uniform stapled grey paper 12mo pamphlets, that of 1889 being of 18pp., and that of 1890 of 20pp. Both gives the names of officers, 'Prize Medallists', 'Prize Children', and pupils commended for 'Attendance', together with the programme for the concert, including the words of numerous hymns and songs sung, with names of participants. No copy of either item, or of any other of the school's Christmas Programmes, found on either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat. FIVE: Gummed printed label, 13 x 9 cm, with the engraved device of the 'Hampden Gurney Schools', which consists of a vertical fish falling onto what appears to be a coronet, above the motto 'Fide et Labore'. The label is signed by 'W. Hammersley.' and 'Edwd B Ottley'. Aged and creased, with slight loss at one corner.