[Alexander Davidson, Messenger at Arms.] Signed 'Copy for Mr. Falconer' of a summons on behalf of Archibald Colquhoun and George Buchan to six 'Procurators in the Sheriff and Baillie Courts of Glasgow, regarding the payment of stamp duties.

Alexander Davidson, Messenger at Arms [Archibald Colquhoun; George Buchan; John Douglas; William Duncan; John Ewing; James Elder; Thomas Falconer; John Fleming; Stamp Duties, Glasgow; Scotland]
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Glasgow, Scotland: Copy of 28 May 1810 from an original 'dated & signeted [sic] 18. May 1810.'
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4pp., foolscap 8vo. Bifolium. The document consists of a long printed text, with blank sections completed in manuscript. It is docketted 'M.5 | Copy for Mr. Falconer | to appear 19/26 June 1810.' In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Signed 'Alex Davidson' and dated 28 May 1810, before the witnesses 'John Anderson and John Robertson both Indwellers in Glasgow'. The document begins: 'GEORGE, &c. WHEREAS it is humbly meant and shewn to Us, by Our Right trusty [Archibald Colquhoun] Our Advocate, and by Our lovite [George Buchan] Solicitor of Our Stamp Duties in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, [...]'. The six individuals who are said to have failed to pay the 'New Duties commencing on the said 11th Day of October 1808' are: John Douglas, William Duncan, John Ewing, James Elder, Thomas Falconer, and John Fleming all Procurators in the Sheriff and Baillie Courts of Glasgow', each of whom is said to have forfeited the sum of £100.