[Col. C. Morley Knight, livestock breeder in Argentina.] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Morley Knight') to C. E. Fagan, Secretary of the British Museum, commenting on Oliver Lodge and other trustees, and discussing the depression in Argentina.

Col. C. Morley Knight [Captain Charles Lewis William Morley Knight] (1863-1937), livestock breeder in Argentina [Charles Edward Fagan (1855-1921), Secretary of the British Museum; Sir Oliver Lodge]
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On letterhead of Knight & Porteous, 'La Maria Luisa', Bonifacio, F.C.S. [Buenos Aires, Argentina.] 21 October 1913.
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2pp., 8vo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with wear to extremities. He begins by discussing his own holiday, Fagan's and that of Porteous, before describing the weather on his trip to Argentina from England, with news of his plans ('I will try & get home for B.M. meeting 10th Janry.' Changing the subject, he writes: 'Hope you are getting to work in the Spirit room. It is a pity we cant have Oliver Lodge on the Sub Cttee. His address bored me & I think it most disappointing. I hoped for something much more exciting. It was only anti-cock-sure-Schafer. If he had got in to Spooks earlier & told us a bit more about them & their unscientific ways it wd. have been more entertaining at any rate. He regrets that 'we dont have <?> Harcourt in that Sub-Cttee & as he cannot be elected till May, I suppose he can't be got in anyhow'. He thinks it will be 'interesting to see if Lord R. will turn up at any of the meetings after all the fuss or if he will continue to bury himself as of yore.' He reports that 'Floods have been tremendous in parts of this Province & Southern Railway had no end of a bother.' He still thinks 'Centrals are the best but Pacifics about 70 must be a good buy. Commercially things are bad in B[uenos]. A[ires]. a depression after the book of a good many years.' He concludes with a comment on mortgages and interest.