[Medical subject] Autograph Letter Signed "Sydney Holland". Viscount Knutsford to "Warner"[ascribed to a "Townsend Warner" in note added to letter in another hand [Harrow schoolmaster?]. Letter about the feeding of patients and nurses' diet.

Sydney Holland, 2nd Viscount Knutsford (1855–1931), barrister, peer, Chairman of the London Hospital House Committee from 1896 to 1931
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[Headed] Kneesworth Hall, Royston, Herts, 11 Dec. 1913.
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Two pages, cr. 8vo, fold marks, good condition. "Do not I know that sort of critic. He probably knows nothing about Hospitals. It is so easy to make general statements. "Wasted" indeed. I wonder how one could waste money in feeding these poor people many of whom would be far better if we could feed them up. A short time ago one of our doctors suggested suet & treacle for his patients and got the reply 'we can't afford it'. It is miserable economy to starve patients. And as to nurses it is absolutely essential that their food should be appetizing & varied. | Patients cost 9s11d a week to feed. I really forget what nurses cost. Try and keep an invalid on 9s.11d & there is not much room for waste. They do it far cheaper - (and far worse) in Scotland - there the patients will eat porridge. Here they say 'Thanks we can get skilly in prison'". He adds that you can't even offer prizes to make an Englishman eat porridge.