Six documents from the papers of John Carter, including material relating to Stanley Morison and the Beatrice Warde Memorial Fund, including letters from James Moran, Professor E. A. Lowe, Nicolas Barker and D. van Velden.

John Carter [John Waynflete Carter] (1905-1975); Professor E. A. Lowe; Nicolas Barker; James Moran; D. van Velden [Beatrice Warde (1900-1969); Herbert Morison; Monotype Corporation]
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From London; The Hague; Princeton, New Jersey. Written between 1966 and 1971.
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The six items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Typed Letter Signed to Carter, in English, from Miss Dr. D. van Velden, curator. On letterhead of the Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum. 22 March 1966. 1p., 12mo. Giving details of the opening hours. TWO: Typed Letter Signed to Carter from E. A. Lowe. On letterhead of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. 25 January 1969. 'If there are any new developments re Stanley Morison, I hope you will keep me posted. Some one sent me Brooke Crutchley's Two Men. There was no card so I do not know to whom I am indebted. [...] Do you recall our dinner at the Garrick Club when I astonished you and Morison by ordering steak tartare. What a delightful occasion! I cannot tell you how I miss S. M.' THREE: Copy of Carter's typed reply to Item Two. 1p., 4to. 3 February 1969. The second paragraph begins: 'The Morisonians are at work.' and notes activities by Nicolas Barker, Brooke Crutchley, S. H. Steinberg ('who died last week to our great loss') and James Moran. 'Last night there was an excellent BBC programme organised by Douglas Cleverdon and Nicolas Barker, which included some superb recordings of Morison's own voice. I believe a transcript of this is being prepared for those specially interested and if so I will get a copy for you.' He ends in the hope that Lowe will be able to visit England in May. 'Fredson Bowers is coming to collect his medal and we shall lay on some suitable ceremony - a dinner if I have my way - for him and Graham Pollard; to which your presence would add an immense eclat, besides giving much pleasure to your friends.' FOUR: Autograph Letter Signed to Carter from James Moran. On his letterhead, 13 Chesterford Gardens, London. 1p., 4to. He writes, as a Governor of St Bride's, to ask if Carter 'would be prepared to allow your name to be added to an appeal to establish a Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture Fund. We are asking some thirty distinguished people on both sides of the Atlantic to sign the appeal'. He is enclosing a draft (Item Five). FIVE: Duplicated Typed circular enclosed with Item Four, headed 'Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture Fund Appeal'. 1p., 8vo. Moran has written 'Draft' at the head of the head. SIX: Copy of Typed Letter from Nicolas Barker to H. R. B. Hamilton of Messrs Crane & Hawkins, London. 6 May 1971. 2pp., 8vo. Headed 'MRS. B. L. B. WARDE DEC'D'. The letter begins: 'As agreed on the telephone, I am writing to make a proposal to you about the future of that part of the papers and possessions of Mrs. Warde that were deposited with me, as suggested by the memorandum drawn up by Mr. Jones and Miss Clutton of the Monotype Corporation (I enclose a copy). From this you will see that three items, numbers 4, 10 and 20 were put in my hands. The value assigned to them for a total off $250. I would like to offer to buy these papers from the Estate, so that they may be kept with the other main Morison archive, which is partly in my possession and partly in that of the Literary Executors of Morison's Estate and the Cambridge University Press. As I told you, it is my hope that the complete archive will be deposited in the Cambridge University Library. [...]' The letter continues with reference to the valuation. Barker has copied in Crutchley, Jones and Carter, the last of whom he proposes as a valuer at Sotheby's.