[The first two issues, in original wraps.] The Cape Illustrated Magazine. [The second volume iIncluding the first printing of 'In a Far-Off World' by 'Miss Olive Schreiner'.

Prof. J. Gill, editor; Miss Olive Schreiner; J. D. Ensor; Lennox Riddoch; Ruth Mitchell; W. Hammond Tooke; C. F. Tobias; C. Wilson-Moore; T. E. Fuller; Grant Allen; Paul Tennant; Dennis Edwards
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Printed and published by Dennis Edwards & Co., 19, Long-street, Cape Town [South Africa]. September 1890 (vol.1, no.1) and October 1890 (vol.1, no.2).
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Both 4to, in identical green printed wraps. Both issues in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight chipping and wear to wraps. Same illustration of two women looking out from the deck of a ship on front wrap of both issues, and same advertisements on inside covers and back. The first issue has 'SPECIMEN.' stamped in red on the front. First issue: frontispiece and 50pp., preceded by four pages of advertisements and leaf carrying an address to the public from the publishers, and succeeded by leaf whose recto is headed 'Gardening for September' and whose verso is headed 'New Books. - A Selection'; followed by leaf on green paper carrying 'List of Supporters with Pen and Pencil'; and four pages of advertisements. Second volume: frontispiece and 48pp. (paginated 51-98), preceded and succeed by four pages of advertisements. In their address to the public the publishers ask: 'Why should South Africa not have its own Magazine?' [...] If somewhat more ambitious in our aims than our prototype ['the old Cape Monthly'], we can point to such advances in every direction as may justify a larger confidence.' Schreiner's haunting allegory 'In a Far-Off World', subtitled 'There is a world in one of the far off stars, and things do not happen there as they happen here.', is on p.87 of the second issue. Both issues profusely illustrated. The main story in both is 'Umgida, A South African Story by J. D. Ensor', and both also feature 'The God of the Ethiopians. Philological Essay, By W. Hammond Tooke'. The first issue contains 'Song of the Zulu, Poem, by J. Gill' and 'Muizenberg Shells, By C. Wilson-Moore'; the second issue contains 'A Mystery of the Forests of Ulegga, By Commander Cameron' and 'Cape English and its Future, By the Rev. J. P. Legg'. Scarce.