Printed reward poster in English and Italian, headed 'Minute by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor' and 'Notificazione di Sua Signoria l'Onorabile Luogot. Govern.', by Richard Plasket, regarding a murderous assault on Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca.

Sir Richard Plasket, Chief Secretary to the Government, Palace, Valletta [Giuseppe Pace of Casal Luca, Malta]
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'Palace, Valletta [Malta], 30th October, 1823.'
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On one side of a 43 x 31.5 cm piece of laid paper, with 'JL GRAN | MASSO' watermark. On stained paper with slight wear along head and slight pitting affecting a few words of text. An attractive official communication, in two columns (English on left and Italian on right) beneath the British royal crest. Begins: 'WHEREAS it has been represented to HIS HONOR THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, that, Giuseppe Pace, of Casal Luca, having, about half-past eight o'Clock, on the evening of the Twenty-eighth instant, repaired to certain premises belonging to his family, situate in Strada St. Lorenzo in the said Casal, was, on entering the Court Yard thereof, assaulted by several persons, who had previously entered therein, and who, having covered his head with a sack, cut his throat with a knife, and threw him into a cistern in the same place, where he was found, still alive, on the following morning.' Offering a pardon 'to any one of them, except the person who actually cut the throat', and 'a Reward of Five hundred Scudi'. From 'Palace, Valletta, 30th October, 1823. | By Command of His Honor, | RICHARD PLASKET, | Chief Secretary to Government.' Scarce: with no copy in the British Library or on COPAC.