Eleven Autograph Letters Signed from the historian of France Professor Douglas Johnson to Alan S. Baxendale, mainly about their joint article 'Uganda and Great Britain'. With typescript of the article, memorial pamphlet on Johnson, and other matter.

Professor Douglas Johnson (1925-2005) of the University of Birmingham, Scottish historian of France [Alan S. Baxendale, historian and civil servant; Uganda]
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Mostly on letterheads of the School of History, University of Birmingham. Dated items from 1963, apart from one from 2004.
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Nineteen items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, arranged in the following description into seven sections: ONE. Nine Autograph Letters Signed (two more are in sections Two and Three below) from DJ to ASB. Totalling 3pp., 4to; 15pp., 12mo (12 of them landscape); 5pp., 16mo. Four dating from 1963, one from 2004, and the other four undated (but apparently also from 1963). One signed 'Douglas', another 'D. J.', and the other seven signed in full. All but one, which is addressed to 'Alan', addressed to 'Baxendale'. Eight on letterheads of the School of History, Birmingham University. With three envelopes, two with 1963 postmarks. The correspondence mainly concerns two topics: the article 'Uganda and Great Britain', co-authored by DJ and ASB, which appeared in the University of Birmingham Historical Journal, 8, 1962 (and about which on 1 January 1963 DJ writes: 'although you refer to this several times as "your article" meaning mine, my idea always is to publish it under our joint names') and ASB's application for the Wardenship of Windsor Hall, University of Reading (a letter regarding which, of 13 May 1963, is accompanied by Six below). In the last letter, dated 12 February 2004, from 29 Rudall Crescent, Hampstead, DJ discusses the treatment he has to undergo for his illness, and the fact that ASB is also suffering from cancer. TWO. Three Christmas cards 'from Madeleine and Douglas Johnson', to one of which is paperclipped an undated Autograph Letter Signed ('D.') from DJ to ASB, on both sides of small strip of paper, announcing his cancer of the oesophagus. THREE. Undated Autograph Letter Signed from DJ to ASB, at end of typed document headed 'Article on Uganda: Notes for A. S. Baxendale'. Notes and letter total 2pp., foolscap 8vo. DJ writes: 'This it seems to me is the narrowest plan we can have for a start. What do you think? I think we must go on from plan to plan, gradually filling them in until it is all complete. But again, you must say what you think.' FOUR. First part of typed draft of article 'Uganda and Great Britain', sent by DJ to his co-author ASB ('Mr Baxendale' in his hand in top right-hand corner of first page). 31pp., foolscap 8vo, paginated 1-31. With compliments slip and autograph note by Johnson: 'Point 3 to follow. | Political & economic development | growth of nationalism'. FIVE. Second part of typed draft of article 'Uganda and Great Britain', sent by DJ to his co-author ASB ('Mr Baxendale' in his hand in top right-hand corner of first page). 13pp., foolscap 8vo, paginated 31-42 with two 39s. Typed note (1p., 4to) attached. SIX. Typed mimeographed circular by J. F. Johnson, Registrar, headed 'University of Reading | Appointment of Warden, Windsor Hall'. Dated April 19632. 2pp., folio. Accompanying the letter of 13 May 1963 in One above. SEVEN. Printed pamphlet titled 'Remembering Professor Douglas Johnson | 1 February 1925-29 April 2005 | Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre | University College London | Friday 2 December 2005'. 32pp., small 8vo. Contributions by Julian Hoppit, Robert Knecht, Nicholas Tyacke, Karl Miller, Lord Radice, Hilary Footitt, Pam Pilbeam and David d'Avray. With illustrations. EIGHT. Autograph Card Signed from Madeleine Johnson informing ASB of DJ's death. Letterhead of 29 Rudall Crescent, Hampstead; 5 June 2005. In envelope.