Attractive lithographic portrait of the English nonconformist minister and author Edwin Paxton Hood by the 'Ally Sloper' cartoonist W. G. Baxter. With Autograph Note Signed by Hood, regarding 'The True Born Englishman' (by Daniel Defoe?).

Edwin Paxton Hood (1820-1885), English Congregational minister and author [William Giles Baxter [W. G. Baxter] (1856-1888), 'Ally Sloper' cartoonist]
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Neither item with place stated. Hood's note dated 25 August 1878, and the engraving is undated.
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Both items are in very good condition, neatly and attractively placed in windowpane mounts of laid paper. The portrait, of which there is no copy of the engraved portrait in the National Portrait Gallery collection, is black and white on 19 x 14 cm paper. Baxter's drawing depicts the head and shoulders of a shrewd-eyed bare-headed Hood, who is dressed in a wing-collared shirt, dog-collar and black coat and waistcoat. Facsimile signatures at foot of 'W. G. Baxter' and 'E. Paxton Hood'. Hood's note is 1p., 12mo, and reads: 'Au 25 1878 | My dear Sir | The True Born Englishman is Entered this day Decer 10th. | Very Heartily | [signed] Edwin Paxton Hood'. At the time of writing Hood was preacher at the Cavendish Street, Manchester. Hood is likely to have written about fellow-nonconformist Daniel Defoe, but the reference in the note is not immediately apparent.