Autograph Letter Signed from the New York journalist Manton Marble to Samuel Dana Horton, hoping for the pleasure of a 'Monetary Confference'.

Manton Marble (1834-1917), American journalist, editor of the New York World [Samuel Dana Horton (1844-1895), writer on bimetallism]
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'<Warmley's?> - Wash[ingto]n'. 29 November 1885.
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1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He has found Horton's 'card, & address' on returning from dinner, and is sorry to miss the chance of seeing him, 'but I return to New York in the limited train in the morning.' He hopes Horton will be in New York before he returns to Ohio, 'and that you will give me the pleasure of a "Monetary Conference". Marble shared Horton's interests, also in 1885 he went to Europe as a delegate to the Bi-Metallic Congress.