Five items, including a notebook, containing manuscript notes taken during the Second World War by a member of the First Quartermaster's Department, Royal Marines, Plymouth.

First Quartermaster's Department, Royal Marines, Plymouth [Jean B. Maclachlan, Mount House, Hartley, Plymouth.]
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Circa 1943. [First Quartermaster's Department, Royal Marines, Plymouth.]
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Five manuscript items, all in the same pencil hand. The name and address of Jean B. Maclachlan written twice on Item One indicates the identity of the notetaker. All texts clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper (but see slight damage to Item Two). Item One: Manuscript notebook. 12mo, 61 pp. Stapled. In original blue wraps, 'SUPPLIED FOR THE PUBLIC SERVICE'. Repeatedly and untidily stamped in red ink on front cover 'PLYMOUTH', with 'CAPTAIN, R.M. | ASSISTANT PAYMASTER' and 'ROYAL MARINES | PLYMOUTH'. Address, on cover and first page, of 'Jean B Maclachlan, Mount House, Hartley, Plymouth.' Headed '1/11d. Victualling Allowance | 3/4d. Provision Allowance.' Containing instructions and descriptions of procedure. Includes long 'Allotment Section', list of abbreviations. Topics include 'Casualties', 'Coal Coke & Firewood' and 'Gas & Electric Accounts'. Loosely inserted is a manuscript (12mo, 1 p) headed 'Dependants Allowance', on back of part of a mimeographed report dating from March 1943. The final two pages of the volume carry drafts of personal letters; the first, to 'Dear Mummy', regarding inoculation, and the second reassuring a woman about her absent husband's 'constancy'. Item Two: Manuscript (folio, 5 pp) headed 'FIRST QUARTERMASTER'S DEPT. | Shipping Desk Vote "9" Stands of arms etc; Vote 2N clothing & equipment'. Undated. Slight damage to the first of three leaves, affecting two words of text. Among the headings are 'Demand Book', 'S.549', 'Requisitions for Transport', 'Exton Vouchers' and 'R.41 Register of Ledger Pages'. For an example of the paperwork involved, see 'Clothing & Equipment going to other Foreign Governments': 'Six copies are made out on a V 120, priced plus 12½% departmental charge, and worked in the same manner as the S.549, given an I.V. number etc; sixth copy being kept in the book.' Item Three: Manuscript (4to, 3 pp). Untitled; paginated 1-3. Describing the various books, ledgers and forms employed. Begins with 'R34. All issues of clothing to men serving in Headquarters are recorded in this book it is totalled and struck off charge monthly.' Ends with 'R184 is the amount of material expended quarterly in the making of clothing'. Item Four: Manuscript (folio, 1 p) headed 'Arms - Appointments, Clothing & Necessaries - Losses & Damages'. Item Five: Manuscript (12mo, 4 pp). List of abbreviations. On two leaves within a 'SPEED LINE' notepad.