[Handbill] Untitled Verse about a meeting of Welshmen in London c.1879.

[Welsh interest] J.G. [J. Gravell]
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No place of publication given, or date [pencilled 1879]
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One page, 8vo, total 40 lines, heavily stained (from being laid down in album, text clear and complete). A weaving together of Welsh names and place names (in bold) in simple verse, commencing, My song is of a meeting which took place with friendly greeting | In an ancient hall in London not many weeks ago, | When from the principality of Wales, all in equality, | Assembled jovial Welshmen a score and half or so. | There was William Jones from Bala, John Price from Cwrt yr Ala, | John Thomas from the Ogmore, and James from Llanuwchllyn ... Pencilled notes give the date, the full surname of the author and the company he worked for [?](Messrs Nichols & Sons?). Not listed on COPAC or WorldCat.