Letter (Secretarial) Signed "John Laugharne | Rear Admiral", to William Slade, Agent to the Flag Officers, Malta

Rear Admiral John Laugharne (d.1819)
Rear Admiral John Laugharne (d.1819)
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[HMS] Trident at Malta, 31 May 1813.
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One page, folio, some staining with minor obscuring of words (at base), main text clear and complete. "In consequence of the alarming State of the Island I have deemed it necessary to request the Committee of Health to keep all Prizes and detained Vessels by H.M. Ships in strict Quarantine - and communications with the Prize Master can easily be accomplished thro' the [Pratique?] Office. You will please to make this known to the Agent." Note added in margin: "Sent Hunter & Woodhead 3rd June". Note: This "Plague" is well documented.