Manuscript Note, UNSIGNED AND UNASCRIBED, possibly diary entry, concerning trial balloon "with carburetted hydrogen"

[Charles Green, balloonist??]
[Charles Green, balloonist??]
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Place not given, 9 July 1821.
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One page, 23 x 9, edges obviously trimmed, except left margin, which is stained as if exposed at some time. Full text as follows: "Monday 9 July 1821. Sent off a Balloon with carburetted hydrogen Gas at 4 P.M. with the Wind about N.W. [O]n Saturday Evening the 4 July this Balloon was seen falling near Cranbrook in Kent and was found the following morning consequently was suspended in the Atmosphere about 124 Hours and had apparently travelled a Space of only [gap left for no. of miles] Miles but had doubtless in its passage a much larger Space by Meeting with different Currents of Air." This has the strong appearance of a description of an apparently unrecorded trial by Charles Green for his flight in balloon filled with carburetted hydrogen before "His first ascent ... in a coal gas balloon on 19 July 1821." (Wikipedia etc.). I have yet to trace any survival of Charles Green's handwriting. See image on my website: